Letnica situated is 13 of kilometers on southest-west from Zielona Góra. Is  third regarding numbers of inhabitants locality in commune Świdnica. Lives her about 630 of persons. More of persons lives only in Świdnica and Wilkanowo. Occupies surface 9,2 of kilometers 2, what locates Letnica on last but one place among localities of commune (less have only Piaski). 1 of kilometers 2 live 67,3 persons and is this most of all in all commune.
As one from two localities in commune has connection from Zielona Góra with buses PKS and train.
Surrounded is mostly forests and under cultivation fields, and also fruit - orchards. Local forest are celebrated from large quantities of funguses. Near Letnica one's own run begins brook of Silesia Ochla, which falls later to Oders in regions Otyń. Close position Zielona Góra, undefiled environment and clean air causes that and Letnica stands up oneself with very attractive locality for new inhabitants, mostly  from nearby cities and of country towns.